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YUZU × Hojicha

YUZU Hojicha Teabag (Roasted green tea)
Toatl fat
0.1g / 3g (Dry matter)
Product description
Type: Teabag
Origin: Japan
Best-before: 12 months
NET: 21g (5g×7P) 3/4oz

Blended Japanese Hojicha and dried Japanese Yuzu peel and made into a 3g tea bag. Sugar less tea produced with100% natural materials and no artificail flavors. Japanese Yuzu is gaining popularity year by year, and by blending with Japanese Hojicha, which is a best match, it is attracting people as a featured product. Since it has an elegant aroma, we recommend this product to someone who thinks alot about beauty and health trends, and has food culture that places importance to "aroma".
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