"A cup of green tea makes your heart fulfill, relax,
and warm. We wish to pass this Japanese rich
culture down from generation to generation."
We thank you very much for your loyal patronage. This year is the 150th year anniversary of establishment of Kanei Hitokoto Seicha. We deeply appreciate this is a result of many people’s support and a gift of the kindness.
For 150 years since the first founder, Saizaburo Hitokoto established the business in Shimada in 1865, we have been only particular about “genuine aroma and flavor” and making high quality and safe tea as a long-established tea maker of tea-growing district, Shizuoka.
There are people who love a grasp of tea leaf and grow it. There are us who select it carefully, polish it up, and bring it up into the best green tea. And there are people who drink the green tea and enjoy fulfilled time with communicating and having a connection with each other. Thus, a cup of green tea is filled with many people’s spirit. One drop of green tea is filled with Japanese tradition and a sense of beauty.
Changes in times, people are becoming busier in everyday life. Because it is such times, we think that “a space and the ease” that a cup of green tea brings become important.
We would like to hand down “a heart of green tea” to next generation, tell the Japanese tradition and the sense of beauty to the world. We would like to grow our business by making people happy from the heart.
At this turning point year, our company with all employees has newly commitment to make a best effort. We sincerely ask for your further support, encouragement, and cooperation.
Kanei Hitokoto Seicha, Inc. Representative Director Isao Hitokoto
150 years of Kanei Hitokoto Seicha Inc.
First Founder, Saizaburo Hitokoto was born.
Saizaburo's father passed away young. Saizaburo started business at the young age of 11 years old. This is the establishment of Hitokoto store and while he managed general store, he lent money to local people. He was also a stockholder of Sanjugo Enshu Bank which is now Shizuoka Bank.
Saizaburo's oldest son, Izaemon was born (who entered the tea business in full scale). In these days, tea cultivation became local industry on the Makinohara plate and started to make tea.
1915 Signboard of Hitokoto Tea Manufactory when exporting tea.Economy rises after victory of Russo-Japanese War and trade with Europe and America increased. Demand for green tea increased as it became popular to foreigner, and we started to export green tea through trading company.
Started business with Yamamotoyama (Nihonbashi)
First founder of Hitokoto store Saizaburo Hitokoto passed away in age of 88 years old.

Started business with Sugaen (Kobe minatogawa jinja).

Grandson of Izaemon, Iichiro was born. Iichiro is the current chairman.
Iichiro, the current chairman started to sell tea at Hitokoto store with his brother, Shujiro.

1972  Newspaper advertisement of Nissan Motor Co. in front of Hitokoto store.
Kanei Hitokoto Seicha Inc. was established as a corporation.
Started business with Nihon Nousuisan.
(current Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd.)
Built packaging plant and refrigerator that enabled large-scale automatic storing in Shimada city where headquarter locate, and shifted business partner to general merchandising store from these days.
Increased the capital from 10 million yen to 11 million yen.
Isao Hitokoto became the president. Iichiro Hitokoto became the chairman.
150 years anniversary since starting as Hitokoto store and growing to Kanei Hitokoto Seicha Inc.
For 150 years, we grew with pure water, clear air, and the fertile earth.
Utopia of green tea, Shimada city in Shizuoka is a best tea-growing district in Japan.
The natural environments such as the climate and geographical features were suitable for cultivation of the tea, and Shizuoka has been known as an excellent tea-growing district for a long time. Tea became the major export of our country especially by the opening of Yokohama port in 1859. Tea plantations were opened in various places throughout Shizuoka, and the tea business greatly accomplished development. After that, with new technological innovation for improvement of breeding and the rationalization of production, Shizuoka occupies 50% of tea production and 70% of distribution.
Shimada city is the center of tea growing district in Shizuoka, where Kanei Hitokoto Seicha, Inc. has been in tea business for 150 years since its establishment.
Bountiful flow of Ohi River which source is far-off from south Alps, warm climate without snow, clear air and well-drained fertile soil make Shimada city the best environment for tea-growing. There are broadly two kinds of tea in Shimada city. “Futsuu-Sencha” is produced in upstream of Ohi River and “Fukamushi-Sencha” is produced in downstream of Ohi River.
Because the river mist of morning and evening block the direct rays of the sun in the mountains of upstream of Ohi River, good quality green tea was cultivated from old days. On the other hand, with bright direct sun light in downstream of Ohi River, tea leaf is grown with full of delicacy of nature. The feature of this area’s tea is somewhat deep but mild taste made with “Fukamushi” method. We would like to have you taste these two kinds of splendid tea brought up by blessing of nature.
Product introduction
Genmaicha with Matcha
Mecha (Bud tea)
Asamushi sencha
Boucha (Stem tea)
Fukamushi sencha
Atamayanagi (Large size tea leaves)
Company Profile
Kanei Hitokoto Seicha Inc.Kanei Hitokoto Seicha Inc.
Company Name Kanei Hitokoto Seicha Inc.
Establishment 1865
Incorporated April 1981
Isao Hitokoto
Capital 11 million yen
Business Line Dried tea leaves processing, Bagging processing, Gift processing, and Sales
Office Location 【Headquarter】
1-1-9 Doetsu, Shimada, Shizuoka 427-0019, Japan
Tel +81-547-37-2196 / Fax +81-547-35-7132

【Headquarter Plant (manufacturing of finished tea)】
1-1-9 Doetsu, Shimada, Shizuoka 427-0019, Japan

【Higashicho Factory (packaging and distribution center) 】
1408 Higashicho, Shimada, Shizuoka 427-0019, Japan

【Asahicho Cold Storage Warehouse】
3-6796-8 Asahicho, Shimada, Shizuoka, Japan
Net Sales 820 million yen (for the fiscal year of March 2015)
Number of
Bank Shizuoka Bank, Shimizu Bank, Yaizu Shinkin Bank, Shoko Chukin Bank
Web site http://www.hitokotoseicha.jp/en/
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